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IWD: Four learnings from three events

This week, up in Leeds and down in London, we headed to three brilliant events as part of International Women’s Day.


Leah Groom



Thanks for having us Powerhouse, IPA and Selfridges. Here are four things we took away from the three events…

1. Thank you, next

When unhelpful feelings of doubt, worry, stress or anxiousness sneak in, say thank you to the feeling. Tell it: “I appreciate you showing up, but I’ve got this.” Then send it on its way.

Sounds silly, but honestly, it’s a really simple and effective way of tackling some of those feelings.

2. Network, network, network

There isn't anything shameful about networking.

Making strong connections and finding people who will champion and advise you in your career is absolutely essential.

Use empathy to your advantage to cultivate and maintain genuine relationships. You never know where even the smallest of interactions can lead.

3. Emotion is a strength

A few guests at one event had been told they’re too emotional and asked how emotion can be controlled in working life.

The panel’s response? Don’t. Emotion means you care, and a strong leader should absolutely care.

4. Women do so much more than just their jobs

The truth is, women do so much more than just our jobs. The unpaid labour of women is a very real thing. And we can be under so much pressure to be the perfect everything.

So, be kind to yourself. You’re not expected to be able to go full pelt, all the time. Acknowledge down days, accept when you’ve got too much on, and take action when you need a rest.


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