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Real actions for International Women's Day 2023

At IMA-HOME, we strive to support women year long. But International Women’s Day is undeniably an important date for awareness.


Sam Fearnley



Over 50% of our agency is made up of women. That rises to over 70% at board level - significantly higher than 2022 IPA Census data, which shows females occupy 37.5% of C-suite roles.

We’re proud of our woman-driven business. And, it goes without saying that the issues that affect women are a key pillar of our People Strategy.

We wanted to take the chance to show how we’re progressing some of these key areas at IMA-HOME. Here are a few tangible actions we’ve taken in recent months:

1. Parenthood

We’ve redeveloped our maternity timeline to be more mindful and connected, with employee-first thinking from day one. This includes an in-house buddy system, external coaching, phased returns and improved maternity pay, plus the little things like a proper welcome back and safe, comfortable spaces for pumping.

The next step for us is to review our Paternity leave policy, look at expanding and adapting our policy for non-heterosexual parents, support during IVF, premature birth and baby loss.

We’ve also introduced Parent and Carers breakfasts - a place to share advice, gain support, swap stories and ensure we continue to be a parent friendly business.

2. Safety

Women are disproportionately affected by violence. We want all employees at IMA-HOME to feel safe, so we’ve introduced a lone working policy which commits the business to a higher level of safeguarding.

3. Menopause

The menopause isn’t just a women’s issue. It’s definitely not just a mid-life women’s issue either. Menopause and perimenopause can impact trans men and non-binary people if they keep their ovaries and do not alter their hormone profile. Friends, family and colleagues of all genders and ages can also be impacted indirectly, whilst supporting the person going through menopause and perimenopause.

It’s also a business issue. Many people experience menopause when they’re at the height of their careers. Many people end up leaving work due to symptoms and lack of appropriate accommodations.

We want people experiencing the menopause and perimenopause – whether directly or indirectly - at IMA-HOME to feel as supported as possible. So, we’ve published our menopause policy, signed up to the Menopause Pledge and are in consideration to be recognised as a Bloom MPower accredited employer.


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