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Making CLOUD NINE unstoppable

Letting everyone know that CLOUD NINE are the leaders in healthy hair styling.


Digital Experience



Real truth


/ 03

Research shows CLOUD NINE has better tech than competitor brands, with features designed specifically to be healthier for hair.

But up until now, communications haven’t reflected the premium tech story the brand has to tell. Nor the hair health message. We needed to show that CLOUD NINE are serious about their mission to do better by hair by creating an elevated brand story across all touchpoints. Including their site, which was addled with plugins, causing inconsistencies and a bad user experience.


Real connection


/ 03

We repositioned the brand, channelling the confidence CLOUD NINE products give and the brand’s endless pursuit of innovation, led by the line ‘We the unstoppable’.

A product-led creative approach has allowed the tech to do the talking, using a sophisticated colour palette to help keep focus on the impressive details in photo-realistic 3D renders and the immaculate, shiny hair in photography. Meanwhile a refreshed, confident tone of voice helped us bring an effortlessly cool energy to messaging. The new brand direction was kicked off with an extensive Brand Toolkit, setting the scene for us to roll out a series of product launch campaigns across TV and social. On site, we put users at the heart of every decision, building with a mobile-first approach. To deliver on premium, we fed product renders into landing experiences that elevated the product story through immersive, user-controlled pages, as well as simplifying pages to help users explore the products with ease. To drive performance, we then improved the site’s technical SEO and we also solved business issues, streamlining the trade-in process and creating new product bundles.

Real results


/ 03

Our strategy of reflecting the brand’s premium positioning and driving performance has set the brand up for the future.

On site, we’ve seen significant growth across every site metric.


+62% sessions

+67% page views

+69% adding to cart

+55% reaching the checkout

+56% net sales

Desktop performance from 40 to 64

Mobile performance from 20 to 81

+50% sales resulting from search

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