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Hisense: from one-off brief to global brand

Four years ago, we’d never worked with home electronics brand Hisense. Today we support them across four markets – UK, US, ANZ and Global. It began with a pitch for a one-off campaign. Since then, our relationship has grown and grown, and grown. In scale, breadth and success.



Real truth


/ 03

Most tech brands operate in a world of technobabble, hype and jargon. Disconnected from consumers’ reality.

We have helped turn Hisense into the straight-talking tech brand. Turning that jargon into jargoff. Presenting Hisense as the credible alternative to their rivals. Making them the most culturally relevant tech brand in key markets.


Real connection


/ 03

Our partnership started in the UK.

With a campaign to promote the brand’s sponsorship of UEFA Euro 2020. Our campaign introduced a very special component. The Lucky Chip. Making Hisense the only TVs with good fortune built in for Euro 2020. Success in the UK led to work in the US, Australia and New Zealand. As a relative newcomer in both the US and ANZ markets, Hisense was seen as a little-known value brand rubbing shoulders with more established budget offers. The brand was being judged by its price, not its quality.

People were equating price with quality, reflecting that old adage – you get what you pay for. A belief that has benefitted the likes of Samsung, SONY and LG for decades.

From the global brand’s DNA and purpose we created compelling, culturally-relevant platforms for the US and ANZ markets. In the US, this translated as Let’s Get Real. While in ANZ it came to life as Just Makes Sense. Born from a shared ethos, but with enough flex to align with the needs and nuances of these different markets.

Real results


/ 03

16% Increase in US intent to purchase from 39% to 55%

81% Awareness in the ANZ market

11% Increase in share of search of "Hisense TV" in the UK vs pre-campaign and vs competition

28% Increase in the perception that the brand is straight talking

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