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What even is TikTok Shop?

Senior Account Manager, Eden, delves into Gen Z's version of QVC...


Eden Humphreys



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We're excited to announce IMA-HOME is now officially a TikTok Shop Agency Partner! So, let's dive into all things TTS and how we can help optimise your social ecommerce strategy in 2024...

TikTok Shop has really taken the social ecommerce space to a whole new dimension, with 79% of TikTok users discovering brands through the platform and 54% of users having made a purchase from a new brand after seeing on it on TikTok.

Not familiar with TikTok Shop? Well, you can think of it as the Gen Z QVC, where brands showcase their products in live streams presented by influencers. Viewers can interact virtually with products and ask the host questions, before checking out and completing purchases. This is all done without leaving the app, and typically all on a great deal or discount.

TikTok Shop allows brands to move away from one-way talking at consumers and instead build a two-way experience together, fuelled by entertaining content and community participation.

So, where to start?

Finding a TikTok Shop Partner can help get the ball rolling and bring your brand to life. These partners can help with everything from conception and strategy to hosting and logistics. They also hold close relationships with TikTok and influencers alike to make activating seamless.

What is a TikTok Shop partner agency?

TikTok Shop Partners are a service provider for TikTok Shop merchants who help them with:

  • Shoppable content

  • Store operation

  • Growth

  • Influencer/ host coordination

  • Host briefing

  • Optimisation and reporting

TikTok Shop along with partner agencies, allows brands to take their e-commerce strategies to new, younger audiences. Speaking directly to the consumer and entering into a conversation to help customers discover new products before converting them into loyal brand advocates.

Quick fire tips on how to start making sales on TikTok shop:

Find yourself a TikTok Shop partner agency. We will handle all your interactions with TikTok and presenters, logistically bringing it all together.

Make sure your product offering and discount are enticing. Exclusive product launches, bundles or discounts that can’t be found anywhere else.

Work with influencers who are authentic to your brand. Authenticity will shine through and make for a more organic and compelling sell.

Go live at peak times. And do so for a period of 1-3 hours for maximum reach.

Implement an organic TikTok strategy alongside TikTok shopping experiences. To continue the social journey and create a compelling social offering that can be accessed 24/7.

Want to find out more on how we can help optimise your TikTok Shop strategy? Get in touch with the Channel Communications team at [email protected].

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