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The Great Wrenovation

We’ve built a new campaign for Wren, kickstarting a kitchen revolution.


Leah Groom



A revolutionary act for all. Let us introduce you to The Great Wrenovation.

After being appointed as lead creative agency and on a retained media basis in April this year, we are pleased to share that we have now delivered a fully integrated UK and US advertising and brand campaign for Wren Kitchens. ‘The Great Wrenovation’ includes OOH, TV, radio, social, print and web and will run well into 2024.

The campaign, directed by Michael J Ferns and featuring the inimitable voice of Alison Hammond, aims to empower homeowners to commence their kitchen renovation - no matter their budget - and to drive footfall to showrooms across the UK and US. It’s not just about people upgrading their kitchens. It’s a rallying cry based on a belief that lives at the heart of Wren, that being able to get your dream kitchen isn’t for the few, but for the many. People want to – and should be able to – invest in their homes. From the fancy taps to the sparkly quartz. With Wren, never again will a customer get their heart set on a kitchen they can’t afford, because the brand cuts out the middlemen and passes those savings on to consumers.

The campaign will launched on 16th December, ahead of Wren’s biggest trading period in January. The roll out includes TV (Channel 4, ITV and Sky), BVOD, CTV, print, email, paid social - introducing music streaming channels like Spotify, radio and national OOH. Vibrant building wraps and special builds across key UK cities will aim to capture the imagination of consumers, with creative that acts as a rousing call-to-arms.

“Wren came to us for our connected approach and extensive creds in growing brands and bringing big ideas to life. The partnership really supports our integrated growth strategy moving into 2024. We already loved Wren as a brand, but we felt there was an opportunity to showcase more of what makes Wren, Wren. The bold creative is underpinned with a solid strategy and media plan, allowing us to craft a holistic campaign across all touchpoints and channels. The strength of the campaign is clear from pre-testing, and we can’t wait to see it out in the real world.“ Nickii Gray, Chief Executive Partner at IMA-HOME.

We’ve rebalanced Wren’s media mix, prioritizing channels that get to the heart of the audience.

“Our core ambition at IMA-HOME is to drive effectiveness for all our clients, maximising every opportunity. For Wren, we used our 'real world' media planning process to balance cost effective reach with media that resonates with the target audience, and is relevant in terms of context and mindset. Wren will now show up in more places in people's lives than ever before.

The media is underpinned by a measurement framework that enables better understanding of true ROI in the short term and brand impact to maximise growth in the longer term – inspiring more action and more brand distinction with customers.” Ben Cunningham, Media Director at IMA-HOME.

We chose multi Bafta Award-Winning Director, Michael J Ferns, for his high-end cinematic style to work on this campaign with us. A snappy and energetic edit combines bold typography and dramatised shots for a premium and aspirational visual, which was produced with Greenwood Films. Showing that Wren has luxury for every budget, from first time buyers in small city apartments, to the new parents now needing a family kitchen, or forever bachelors wanting something sleek. Photographer Matt Davis was also on set, shooting a range of characterful portraits of the 16 cast members, which capture the pride people feel in their kitchen and showcase Wren in an inspiring light.

Following the shoot, the fully functional kitchens we had on set are being donated to families that need them in the local area through Wren’s ‘Giving Back’ programme.

Demi Lovato’s punchy track ‘Confident’, blends with a passionate and empowering VO from Alison Hammond. The resulting audio is familiar yet bold, making you take notice and landing Wren’s revolutionary tone, whilst feeling accessible and relatable.

“The IMA-HOME team have seamlessly woven their specialisms together to show the power of creative and media working in tandem. Together we’re starting a movement. A kitchen revolution. Balancing our short term goal to increase showroom footfall, with brand building that lays strong foundations for long term growth. We’re incredibly happy with the campaign and look forward to continuing working with IMA-HOME.” Jordan Laville, Retail Director at Wren Kitchens.

You can view the ad here.


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