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It’s coming home

Giddy optimism has gripped the nation and a rare sense of patriotism has emerged.


Georgia Beattie



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The year is 1996 and England is hosting the Euros...

The nation is buzzing, Alan Shearer is shining his boots and the song of a nation was born with The Lighting Seeds’ ‘Three Lions’. The chant was sung throughout our homes, with shouts of ‘IT’S COMING HOME!’ echoing through crowded pubs and shaking stadiums up and down the country.

Little did we know, after THAT penalty shootout, 1996 would be the last time in a long time that England would reach the semi-finals in either the World Cup or the Euros, and 22 years of hurt ensued (but it never stopped us dreaming!).

Fast-forward to 2018 and things are looking up. Something is happening, something momentous, something magical… #WaistcoatWednesday meanssales of the M&S ‘Southgate special’ navy blue waistcoat have doubled, memes are sweeping social media, flags are flying from cars and houses alike, and we all know why. Because maybe, just maybe, it’s finally coming home…

Giddy optimism has gripped the nation and a rare sense of patriotism has emerged. It’s no longer just about England winning the tournament and bringing the cup home, this year it feels like something so much more, something bigger. It’s a renewed sense of optimism and spirit among the masses. A unity. It has given us a sense of belonging, something to be proud of. In the words of Ross Kemp, ‘IT’S EVERYTHING, EVERYTHIIIING!’.

For brands, it means everything too. With 20 million viewers expected to tune into the England vs Croatia match, and similar viewing figures for previous matches, the brands that are willing to pay the dollar to get their face on the screen will very much reap the rewards of it coming home. ITV are 2% ahead of 2017’s ad revenue for the same period, and Vauxhall’s share prices have seen a healthy bump too, through their sponsorship of the England team.

For those not willing to pay the price across TV, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate the home-coming. British Airways tweeted a printed ticket for a passenger by the name of ‘Football’ making their way from Moscow to Home. At the time of writing, their post had 20k likes and nearly 9k retweets. And Swedish IKEA took the high road after their defeat, with this clever tweet…

‘It’s Coming Home’ has emerged as the war cry of the nation. A song of passion, pride and strength through uncertain times. Whether it’s in the form of ad revenue, brand affinity or simply just good feels, many a reward can be gained from this World Cup.

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