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INdustry: My route into marketing - Jeremy Murray

Our Account Manager, Jeremy Murray, is sharing how he got into the industry.


Jeremy Murray



As a kid, skateboarding and the skate community shaped a lot of my interests. I always wanted to be a part a brand and envisioned myself creating brands or products for skateboarding that could resonate with people and drive community.

I was not a major fan of school, and it took me what felt like 10 years to get a four-year degree. I was focused on skateboarding, traveling locally and globally making friends taking as many opportunities as possible to go to new places.

This period provided me with a solid foundation and taught me a lot about discipline and multitasking. In college, I also learned a lot about marketing principles, consumer behaviour and strategic planning.

My first official job post-education was as a Sales Rep at Mighty Healthy Clothing in New York. It was a super fun role and provided me with hands-on experience in sales and customer relations within the fashion industry with a credible brand.

Following this, I co-founded Bureau Brand. This was a clothing brand and skate shop in Washington DC, where I served as both Brand Manager and Founder. This cultivated skills in customer relationship management, sales growth strategies, market expansion and grassroots community building. As the brand grew, we moved our retail space to NYC and opened Café Bureau - a retail café experience in Brooklyn.

While my career journey has been fulfilling and rewarding overall, it hasn't been without its challenges. There have been setbacks and plenty of lessons learned, and the reality of the professional world differed from my initial expectations. It’s required adaptability, resilience, continuous learning and long hours!

My career so far has been a dynamic and enriching experience, shaped by a blend of passion, education, and real-world application. Over the years, I’ve sought out roles that align with my passions and expertise and have transitioned from sales and brand management to more specialised roles here at IMA.

In my current position, I lead strategic account management for clients like adidas skateboarding. High points in my career have all been around building enduring client relationships, contributing to the success of global brands and bringing campaigns to life.


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